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Louise Pike, Children's Author

Louise Pike

I hope you enjoy reading about my books and reading what other people are saying about them. I am keen to find out what you think, so let me know by signing an entry in the Guestbook.

Also, be sure to check out the Freebies section. Come back often to vote in the different polls that I will put up and check out all the new guestbook and FAQ entries.

Thanks for visiting.

Harriet Huxtable and the Purpose of Rats


It's the only way for her to get a brand-new, beautiful compost bin. But to get an A, Harriet needs to write about an interesting pet -- and her own interesting pet, Boris the tortoise, has just died. Harriet needs a rat.

Harriet Huxtable and the Trouble with Teachers


Harriet and her best friend Sophie know that their favourite teacher Mr Penny has to look for another job. The relief teacher is awful. What can they do to stop Mr Penny from leaving? If Mr Penny marries a local girl he will have to stay. And so begins the Great Wife hunt.

   Elaine (64)
Hi Louise Where can we buy your books
Aunty Mary would love them (seeing you wrote them)
Love Aunty Elaine
Hi Elaine
Sorry, but my books are no longer available. They're all sold out.
I will need to get busy and write some more!

   lollypop 72
i have truly loved this book and my sister got me a signed copy for a birthday.
i would recomend that others read this book. it is truly a master peice.

   Ayah (9)
I would like. To have that book

Louise, I am hoping to buy a copy of each of your books for my grandsons. Can you let me know where I can obtain them please?

   luvcat (13)
hi your books are the best and i love the trouble with teachers .my sister got you to sign my book ages ago and i have just found your website and it is awsome.thank for all the joy of the books.luvcat

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